MRC Solutions supports Nextiva and Their Efforts

Nextiva’s Ukrainian Employees Safety Matter Most

MRC Solutions who install’s and support Nextiva nationwide, stand behind Nextiva and their efforts to help and support Ukrainian employees.

“A message from our CEO and co-founder Tomas Gorny:

Ukraine holds a special place in the hearts of all Nextiva team members. 

Nextiva opened the doors to our Ukraine office in 2016. Today it is home to more than 300 Nexties and the best support team you will find anywhere in tech. They are resourceful, resilient, and incredibly valued by our organization. Today they face the unthinkable — concerns for their safety and a suddenly uncertain future. 

As we closely follow the developing situation, we are prioritizing the safety of our teammates and their families. We are involved at the ground level, providing financial and logistical assistance to help team members and their families get to safety. 

Our business continuity plans ensure Nextiva customers have the support they need. We are all in awe of our team’s bravery, as they navigate their personal safety while often choosing to continue with their work however and whenever they can.

As caring people connected by a community that crosses borders, we value the freedom, independence, and the safety of our teammates. We hope for a swift resolution of this conflict, bringing an end to the loss of life and suffering caused by the war.” 

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