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Non Profits with Cloud Based Phones

Engage donors and empower volunteers with team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone—all in one app.


Turn fundraising into a team sport. With all your communications in one place, it’s easier than ever to reach and activate your donor base.

Stay in touch with donors and supporters. Rally the community and drive peer-to-peer recruitment programs with group SMS.

Manage fundraising events. Create and host virtual fundraising events with HD video meetings and screen-sharing.

Make every conversation count. Connect donors to the right person every time with our inbound contact center.


Get more done together. Be more efficient and productive with RingCentral, so you can focus on what matters most.

Organize your resources. Easily share and review files with volunteers, donors, and employees over team messaging.

Collaborate on funding proposals. Create teams for every project and get more done with built-in task management.

Connect your way. Put an end to app switching with one-click calls and meetings on any of your favorite devices.


Easy Management

Connect communities everywhere. Bring staff, volunteers, and donors together in one collaboration workspace.

Free teams to work from anywhere. Set up in minutes and connect teams across time zones in a single app.

Save on administrative expenses. Give everyone a secure business phone number that works on any device.

Get everyone up to speed. Easily add volunteers and donors as guest users—all you need is their email address.


Everything you need to stay connected, absolutely free.

Nonprofits are often asked to do so much with very little. We’re here to help you stay productive with free team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone.



Keep beneficiary data safe. Our solutions will protect all your information and conversations with industry-compliant data centers and comprehensive security.

  • Provide for protected communities including minorities, children, disaster survivors, victims, and other beneficiaries.
  • Secure confidential data and ensure donor and community privacy in a digital world.

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