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Sending and receiving SMS on the Nextiva App for iPhone and Android

Nextiva SMS empowers businesses by opening up an additional channel for communicating with teammates and customers from any device, anywhere.
1. Activate SMS

To activate your Nextiva business numbers for texting (SMS), click here.

2. Add SMS contacts

Press Plus (+) > Add Contact > under IM Address add 1+area code+phone number@smsnextiva.com (e.g. 15556667777@smsnextiva.com) > Save.

NOTE: For versions 22.9 and older of the Nextiva mobile app, you can only add new SMS recipients using the Nextiva Desktop App. For more information, click here.

3. Send and receive SMS messages

Under Messages, tap Plus (+). Select your SMS Contact. Enter your message and Send.

NOTE: Inbound texts display under Messages.

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