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Phone Analytics


Targeted reporting made simple with configurable, out-of-the-box KPIs and metrics. Set up automatic email alerts for essential reports.


Intuitive data layout for quick analysis of company-wide, department, or user-level usage and trends. Download and share reports for deeper analysis.


A single interface for monitoring all users, calls, meetings, devices, numbers, and queues, along with call quality scores and parameters


Receive real-time notifications of any issues to easily and quickly resolve anything that could impact your company and users.

Adoption and Usage

  • Have complete visibility into RingCentral usage and adoption across the organization.
  • Evaluate how your employees use the RingCentral system to understand user trends, behaviors, and preferences better.
  • Identify focus areas and run programs to get the most out of the RingCentral system.

Quality of Service

  • Access a real-time dashboard to proactively monitor call quality and reactively troubleshoot issues for all users worldwide.
  • Pinpoint quality issues down to the exact location, ISP, network, and endpoint.
  • Get easy-to-understand quality scores and underlying data including jitter, latency, packet loss, and codecs.

Performance Reports

  • View easy-to-read dashboards, surfacing historical data and trends on call queues, users, and calls.
  • Drill down to analyze queues, user performance, and call flows with visual call maps.
  • Get 30+ pre-built KPIs and targeted filters for aiding corrective-course-of-action decisions.
Meetings Dashboard
  • Access account-wide live or past RingCentral Office™ usage and quality data across users, locations, and devices.
  • Better understand usage patterns and user preferences.
  • Easily pinpoint problems and troubleshoot.



  • Set up automated monitoring of critical KPIs and parameters, such as call quality, device connectivity status, etc.
  • Receive real-time alerts about issues. Troubleshoot faster by quickly drilling down to the problem directly from the alert notification.
  • Proactively resolve problems before they impact users and dive into recurring issues for deeper analysis and investigation.

Live Reports

  • View highly customizable, real-time dashboards for monitoring call queue and agent performance.
  • Gain data and insights to improve customer experience.
  • Understand queue patterns and trends for efficient staffing and SLA management.
Company Numbers
  • View all activities and monitor the performance of company numbers such as IVR, sales, customer service, marketing campaigns, and international numbers.
  • Use this data to streamline workflows and maximize coverage for callers.
  • Drill down to track success metrics or identify areas of improvement.
  • Subscribe and receive daily, weekly, or monthly auto-generated Performance and Company Number email reports.
  • Automate repetitive tasks by setting a convenient email delivery schedule.
  • Share reports with others in the organization for easier collaboration, without having to give them administrative privileges.

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